Toru Enterprises, developers of Green Mansions, Alhamra Banquets Mardan, Gulberg Model Town Mardan, and Gulberg Arcade Mardan, has a dedicated and growing team of professional construction experts and can help you build your home to the highest standard and at the best cost.

No need to worry about contractors that might take advantage of you.


1) Toru Enterprises will provide free consultancy and project management for your house construction.
2) You will pay only the architect fees, labour and material costs.
3) You can select your own architect or we can recommend one.
4) You will pay us a construction advance on a regular schedule. Details of each expense made from this money will be shared with you regularly or whenever you request.
5) We will try to get you the best rates for all materials and we will supervise all the labour to make sure that your house is built to the best standard and on time, with zero inconvenience to you.
6) Possession will only be handed over once payments for the plot are complete.

For 3 lucky clients at Green Mansions this service will be provided free of cost! Pay only architect, labour and material costs. Easy and convenient home construction with zero headache.

If you are interested in this service, apply below. We will contact you with more information.